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Thomas Shields (was in the infantry as an Indian Fighter out west)
John Shields & Rose O'Shields  
Rose Shields (died as a baby)
Martin Joseph Shields (B. 7/2/1883-D. 12/19/1942)  & Josephine Moran (B. 4/24/1888-D. 4/3/1974)
            Thomas M Shields (B.8/10/1910-D.10/20/1987)
            Dorothy  S Shields (Dot) (B.4/1913-D.5/20/75) &  John Cunningham
                  Joan A Cunningham (B.1936) & Nickolas V Tateo (B.12/5/1933-D.2/14/2010)
                     Eileen Tateo (B.7/22/1958-D.5/27/2007) & Richard J Beebe
                                  Meghan K Beebe (B.9/22/1992  D.12/28/2013)

                  Catherine (Kay) Cunningham (B.1937) & Joseph Cacciola (B.9/4/1937-D.11/22/2012)
                     Michael (B.7/12/1961-D.2/13/1990)
                  Barbara Ann Cunningham (B.1940)
                  Maureen Cunningham (B.1942)
            James Shields (B.4/22/1916-D.7/16/1974) & Dorothy Congdon
                  Guy Martin Shields & ?
                      Stephanie Shields
            Martin J Shields Jr. (B.6/21/1918-D.9/9/2000)
            Helen J Shields (B.10/29/1923-D.11/13/2011)
            Mary Shields (B 5/24/1927 - D. 9/8/2012) & Joseph Lenzenhuber (1926...Bronx, New York)
                       Louis Martin Lenzenhuber (1951...Albany, New York) & Jacqueline Dean Holland (1953... Kansas)
                       Mary Ann Lenzenhuber (1954...Albany, New York) & Phillip Barnum (1960)
                                  Jeremy Barnum (1992... Albany, New York )
                                  Jessica Barnum (1996... Albany, New York )
                      Susan Marie Lenzenhuber (1961...Albany, New York) & Lawrence Blank ( 1963...Poughkeepsie, New York)
                                  Dylan Blank (1996...Albany, New York)
     Joseph Shields (was an Albany Police Officer Lt or Capt) & Marian ?
          Jane Shields
          Marian Shields
     James Shields (worked at Albany Water Department)
Margaret Shields & Arthur Miller (Lived in Old Forge, NY)
          Fred Miller
          Arthur Miller 
Albany Map of Lincoln Park area from 1895 The Shields immigrated around the time of the first Irish potato famine (1845) The Shields lived in flats in the vicinity of Lincoln Park. My Aunt Helen Shields remembers Myrtle, Park and Catherine St addresses. In 1942 Martin J Shields Sr. lived at 169 Myrtle Ave. Josephine and Martin had lived on Catherine St. It has been torn down and is now a ?. In 1950 Helen Moran & Tom and Helen Shields still lived there.
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  1 - Jim Shields
  2 - Dorothy Congdon (Shields) (Jim's wife)
  3 - Jack Cunningham (Dots husband)
  4 - Helen Moran
  5 - Joe Koriman?
  6 - Dot Shields (Cunningham)
  7 - Martin J Shields (Pop)
  8 - Mrs. Cunningham (Jacks mother)
  9 - Kay Cunningham
10 - MaryAnn Moran (holding Barbara)
11 - Barbara Cunningham (being held)
12 - Joan Cunningham


Barbara Ann Cunningham's Christening September 29th 1940
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