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Melchior Lenzenhuber & Johanna Rapp (dates? late 1700s) lived in Boos Germany
Martin Lenzenhuber (born 01/20/1809 in Boos Germany) & Viktoria born in Haupt Germany
          Ignaz Lenzenhuber (01/20/1846-10/23/1922)  & Veronika Schutz (01/30/1846-11/01/1915)  
               Josef  Lenzenhuber  born  03/18/1880 in Boos died 08/08/1950 in Uberbach Germany & Maria Maier born 06/07/1877 in Boos - Died 07/21/1957 in Uberbach
                    Ludwig        (born 09/22/1901in Westerheim Germany - died 03/16/1986 in Florida)
                    Josef           (01/19/1905-06/26/1954)
                    Veronika     (07/18/1906-10/30/1968)
                    Anton          (08/26/1909-1942 Missing in WWII)
                    Leonhard    (08/07/1911-09/17/1988)
                    Jakob          (02/02/1913-09/10/1988)  & Mechthilde Schweinberg
                        Rainer Lenzenhuber (02/23/1953 -  &   Angelika Gotz
                             Sebastian Lenzenhuber (03/24/1982 -  
                    Juliane        (03/13/1915-08/29/1995)
                    Ignaz           (07/11/1916-10/20/1947)
                    Karl            (06/08/1917  Dies as a baby)
                    Viktoria & Maria died the day of their birth
  Ludwig Lenzenhuber  (1901-1986)   & Gertrude Schlosser (1907-2007)
Joseph Lenzenhuber (9/10/1926...Manhattan, New York - 8/12/2013) & Mary (Shields) (5/24/1927...Albany, New York - 9/8/2012)
                    Louis Martin Lenzenhuber (3/12/1951...Albany, New York) & Jacqueline Dean Holland (6/20/1953..... Kansas)
                    MaryAnn Lenzenhuber (1/8/1954...Albany, New York) & Phillip Barnum (2/27/1960)
                           Jeremy Philip Barnum (1/22/1992... Albany, New York )
                           Jessica Barnum (4/18/1996... Albany, New York )
                    Susan Marie Lenzenhuber (1/27/1961...Albany, New York) & Lawrence Blank (4/19/1963...Poughkeepsie, New York )
                           Dylan Blank (8/2/1996...Albany, New York)
           Ingeborg  Lenzenhuber (1928-2013...Manhattan, New York) & Jack Drislane (died 1963)  (Neil Martinis  no children)
                    John Christopher Drislane (12/26/1950...Albany, New York) & Erica 
                           Kianna Drislane      (1995?
                             Johnny Drislane     (1997
                             Dishong Drislane    (1998
                    Michael Drislane (1954...Albany, New York)
                    Dennis Drislane   (4/21/1959-6/26/2017..Albany, New York)  
                    Cynthia Drislane  (1962...Albany, New York) & John  Herzhaft (died 2013)
                           Johnny Herzhaft
                           Chelsea Herzhaft
                           Micheala Hertzhaft
           Mary Louise Lenzenhuber (1941) & Martin Johns Jr (1929)
                   Martin Johns III (5/10/1972...Albany, New York) & Lynne Constantine (1966...Amsterdam, New York)



Ludwig Lenzenhuber (1924) Gertrude Schlosser (1924)

                            Ludwig Lenzenhuber(1901-1986...Innsbruck, Austria)
                                                & Gertrude Schlosser(1907-2007.. Koln, Germany)


Ludwig & Gertrude 1924 Pictures from Gertrude's photo album
  Ellis Island Records
The name Lenzenhuber is rather rare in the United States with around 20 people using it. There were two immigrations, the first family ended up around St Louis, Missouri while the second (my family in 1924) around Albany New York. The two families were supposedly connected back around Bavaria in the 19th century. The Missouri family continues to grow with the name while Louis is the last of the New York family to use the name. Lenz in German means Lent or spring time while Lenzenhuber seems to have no translation I have been able to find. My mother claimed it meant a mountain spring but I have found no verification. I even hung out in bars in Germany asking people, purely for research. (And maybe the beer) 
Ludwig & Gertrude Lenzenhuber were long time owner operators of the Ace Pastry Shop on New Scotland Avenue between Ontario and Quail. Their son (my father) worked there and at one time or another both his sisters Inge and Mary Lou. My fathers short stint in the Navy during WWII allowed him access to rationed sugar which helped my Grandfather start his bakery.
Paula, Mary, Joe, Ludwig, Gertrude ,Inge, Mary Lou & Marty
Joe and Inge from College Point Studio (Early 1930s)
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