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Louis Martin Thomas Lenzenhuber March 12,1951-
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I was named after my grandfathers, if I had been born 5 days latter on St Patrick's Day it would have been much different according to my mother. My paternal grandfather Ludwig was Americanized to Louis (Lewis...Not Louie as they called me at my High School Graduation Ceremony, I'm not French). As well as my maternal Grandfather's name, Martin was also the name of his son, my Godfather/Uncle. When it came time to take a confirmation name I took Thomas for my other close Uncle, Martin Jr's (Junie's) brother Tommy. (I was also a member of the Catholic Church of Delmar, St Thomas the Apostle at  the time.) They tried for 20 years to show me the faith, I just couldn't find the logic in it which I needed and went beyond Thomas the doubter to an un believer.
Intelligent, hedonistic, agnostic, apostate, 
1952   (Dad used to sign cards to Mom from Joe & Fathead) Sacandaga Reservoir New York 1964 High School Yearbook 1969 Great Lakes Navy Boot camp 1971
Born: at Brady's Children's Hospital Albany, New York March 12,1951
Moved to 45 Harrison Ave, Elsmere, New York 1952
Hammargrael Elementary School (1956-1960)
Elsmere Elementary School (1960-1963)
Bethlehem Central Junior High (1963-1966)
Bethlehem Central Senior High School (1966-1969)
Hudson Valley Community College (1969-1971)
Schools:  continued
US Navy Data Systems Technician Schools (1971-1972)
Solanao Community College (198x-198x)
Deanza Community College (1991)
Cerro Coso Community College(200x,201x)
Living in The Albany Area 20 years
Living in The Bay Area and Japan 21 years
Living in Ridgecrest 21 years
Vallejo California 1972 Yokohama Japan 1976 Vallejo California 1977  
US Navy 1971-1977
Combat Systems Technical Schools Command (1971-1975)
USS Worden (CG-18) Yokosuka Japan (1975-1977)
Married Patricia Ann Johnson March 23, 1975 (Divorced 12/90)
Married Jacqueline Dean Holland October 12, 1996
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