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Death Valley Loop January 23-27, 2019
Natures subtle tones



Death Valley


Dumont Dunes

I spent five days 
and four nights on a loop through Death Valley traveling over 500 miles. Three of the days I was virtually alone in the surrounding hundreds of square miles. (Saw  a convoy of four Jeeps one day) I usually travel alone, makes it more interesting if you have problems. They had finished rebuilding Furnace Creek with a big new big building housing a restaurant, bar and store. Looked classier then the old one, probably much more expensive also. I liked the old bar, the Corkscrew Saloon. It used to have peanuts and you threw the shells on the floor. Then they put in a new floor and they went to popcorn instead. The new one looked more like caviar and champagne. In the middle of the summer they would include a mandatory 15% tip on all items including draft beer. Most the July - August crowd are Europeans that don't tip. Why don't they just pay their workers a reasonable wage? Wonder if they got 100% of the tip?
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