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Across the Country and Back (again) September 3-30, 2019 ~7500 miles
Around Albany New York  September 14-24, 2019
Delmar, New York to Ridgecrest September 24-30, 2019
Mojave Desert to Delmar, New York September 3-14, 2019
Bridgeport Sierra behind Twin Lakes 
It had been around 106 to 108 degrees around Ridgecrest. There were storms along the Sierra with occasional light rain along US 395. Conway Summit was 55 degrees at 8,000' elevation.
Crater Lake
The Phantom Ship (Crater Lakes 2nd island)
Wizard Island
Finally swam in a deeper lake than Lake Tahoe. Crater Lake is 1943 feet deep. Tahoe is only about 1600 feet deep. The deep blue is only a few feet from shore and easy to hit on a dive. I haven't touched the real bottom on either. Lost Creek Campground. It had a bear box and picnic table I didn't use, no fires allowed. The toilets were closed because of a water war and porta-potties provided instead. Had to cover my cot in the middle of the night because it rained several times. (The tarp leaks)  With senior discount the site was $2.50 for the night.
Mount Saint Helens
Unfortunately the view of the mountain wasn't very good (The road is past Windy Point and is closed to vehicles)
The logs  have been floating in Spirit Lake for 39 years (1980-2019)
Trees were knocked down in the blast area Further away trees were left standing but still killed by the blast
Iron Creek Campground  The neighborhood
Iron Creek Falls
Glacier National Park
Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good for pictures. Logan Pass was totally socked in yet even though you couldn't see anything the parking lot was full.
Got the last campsite at Avalanche for the night. It rained most the night but the tent was comfortable, especially with a heater. Didn't do much except drive the one road through the park along with tons of other people. Too many old people out and about. If it is a National Park it means there is no place to park. With the rains there were waterfalls almost everywhere you looked. Reminded me of Iceland with all the waterfalls.
The Road to the Sun would be nice if there were not so many people on it. Almost every pull out was full Don't own any spray, California Grizzly long gone
Some of the wild life along the way
Pretty much was overcast  and raining for days after Glacier National Park, which was also raining and overcast. Didn't camp after that but rather took rooms in Malta Montana, Grand Forks North Dakota and Iron River Michigan. Sometimes the rain was so hard the wipers had trouble keeping up with it. After North Dakota the 70 mph went away and US  route 2 became slower and more congested..
Great Lakes
North end of  Lake Michigan (surfs up)
The Mackinaw suspension bridge is only $4. There is no bridge that cheap in the SF bay area. To the left was Lake Huron and the right was Lake Michigan. I saw Lake Superior and Huron for the first time on this trip.
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