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United States Navy


 Data Systems Technician, May 1971 - May 1977
1975-77 Maintained the Naval Tactical Data Systems aboard the USS Worden(CG-18). Used extensively as a system troubleshooter.
1973-75 Maintained the NTDS at the Data Systems Technician Schools Command at Mare Island, Ca. Worked corrective and preventative maintenance on Sperry-Univac computers, Hughes Aircraft tactical display systems and various other NTDS second generation peripherals.
1971-73 Attended extensive Electronics & Computer hardware training.

6 years Active duty 
Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran
  Varian Associates   Electronics Technician, Aug 1977 - April 1978  


Field Engineering Representative, May 1978 - Nov. 1979.
Taught Hughes UYA-4 display systems to US/foreign military and civilian personnel. Systems included tactical radar/data  displays, primary and secondary (IFF) radar processing systems. Developed and taught a pilot course on Hughes’ primary radar processing Radar Video Processor.


1 1/2 Years


Field Engineering Specialist, Nov 1979 - Mar 1992.
1988-92 U.S. Air Force Satellite Tacking Facilities, Onizuka AFB, Sunnyvale, Ca. Maintained the Sperry computers and peripherals used for the commanding, tracking and telemetry of Space Command satellites at Sunnyvale as well as temporarily at Vandenberg AFB and a facility on Guam.
1979-88 Combat Systems Schools Command, Mare Is., Ca.
Maintained many of the Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) suites including mock ups of the FFG-7, LHA, CGN-38, DD963 class systems. Performed occasional technical support to other sites including 3 months on the Marine Air Tactical Automatic Landing System (MATCALS) and an upgrade of the  MK-86 gun fire control system aboard the USS California.

9 Years 


3 Years

Various lowest bidder, Minority owned Body Shops

 Range Instrumentation Engineer, Feb 2001-Oct 2004
2001-2004 I was part of a three man group at  Echo-Range, Naval Air Weapon Station, China Lake, Ca.,  involved with instrumenting RADAR systems for digital quantitative measurements of their reactions to electronic warfare devices and techniques.
Electronics Technician  A, May 1993- Feb 2001.
1995-2001  I was the crew chief of the Communications Shop at Echo-Range. I supervised half a dozen personnel and assisted in the daily operations, installation and repair of communication systems which include radios, fiber optic links, DS0/T-1/DS3 and above TELCOM type links handling voice, video and data, as well as a local communications system which incorporated hundreds of micro processors.
1993-1995  I was the crew chief of the Command and Control System at Echo Range. An assistant and I modified and maintained a simulated Russian command and control system based on an U.S. CGN-38 Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS).
     1997  I  helped design and build telemetric radiation and video monitoring systems for the nuclear power industry.

11 1/2 Years
SA Tech                    Another Body Shop Electronics Technician  IV, Sep 2007- July 2010.
2007-2010  I worked the Communications Shop on North Range. I was their lead technician on the contractor side. I did everything from tower climbing, hanging fiber on poles, terminating fiber, working with radio and microwave links. Design & installation as well as daily maintenance and repair of about anything involved with Range Communications and Video.
3 Years

17 1/2 Years NAVSEA
14 1/2 Years NAVAIR
   3      Years AIRFORCE