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Independence Area April 16-May 7, 2019
Split Mountain and the Sierra from above Badger Flats in the Inyos
Inyos (left) Sierra (right) Mya (middle) White Mountains
The original camp was my normal Mazourka Road camp. I went home for Easter and after returning with my Cherokee in tow I tried to 4 wheel out of Badger Flats to the cutoff for Wacouba Peak. I ran into someone coming back who had tried to get to Papoose Flat. He said he had lockers and a winch and couldn't get across a north facing snow bank trying to get down to the Flats. I decided to park and take a hike. I think I could have gotten to where I wanted but decided the heck with it.
Trailer at Pinyon Creek camp
Pinyon Creek in front of trailer on second camp Owens Valley and the Alabama Hills (As well as the Inyos and Sierra)
The daytime temperatures were getting to the low 90s in the trailer on Mazourka Rd so I moved across the valley to Pinyon Creek just above Foothill Road. It was a thousand feet or more higher and a few degrees cooler. After I moved the temps cooled off some and it was mostly windy with gusts around 20mph. Originally the trailer didn't block the afternoon sun and I usually couldn't put up the awning because of the wind. I eventually moved the trailer to point north-south and provide shade in the afternoon.
Sunrise on Kearsarge Peak
Still looking for the gold in the Jeep
Onion Valley Road
The road was still closed by snow near Onion Valley but I believed they got it open a few days after I was up that way.
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