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Owens Valley March 14-22 2019
White Mountain from Round Valley Road
Aphrodite's Girdle Storm brewing
Sunrise on Mt Whitney
Sierra Onion Valley Road
Mya with Inyos across the Owens Valley  
Inyos Mazourka Road
Mya with the Sierra across the Owens Valley Mya with the Inyos behind her
The road up to Onion Valley in the Sierra was closed at about 7000' feet while in the Inyos the road to Mazourka Peak was closed at about 
Mammoth-Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mammoth Mountain
Willow Springs
After attempting to hike to Willow Springs from my camp I decided to drive up on Lead Gulch/Betty Jumbo Mine Road and hike down a closed road to the site. Both hikes were about 1.2 miles one way but one was much quicker and easier.
Independence Piutes on the warpath? (or burning their fields for spring planting) Willow Springs structure hidden in mid-foreground bare trees
Panamint & Death Valleys
Eleven thousand foot Telescope Peak in the Panamint Range separating Death and Panamint Valleys
Working on Towne Pass between Death and Panamint Valleys Panamint Springs. $2 a gallon premium over current Ridgecrest prices, but if you need it.
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