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Kern River Valley June 4-13 ,2019
Kern River above Fairview running strong with the late spring snow melt. (rafting 
Mineral King Road
1923 bridge over the East Fork of the Kaweah River at Oak Grove
Aqueduct along the East Fork of the Kaweah River at Oak Grove Turn back at Ranger Residence (Ominous clouds over the higher Sierra)
I actually passed the Mineral King Road and went into the Sequoia National Park. Good think I have a senior lifetime pass or it would have cost me $35. The cutoff is before the bridge over the river and the entrance kiosk. I expected a two lane road with a center line. What I got was maybe a one and a half lane road at most. At the cutoff it claimed road gated 11 miles ahead and no camping at Mineral King. I followed the road until it turned into National Park at an open gate and a rangers private residence, maybe 8 miles from the start. Sign in the park  said no trailers or RVs and I can see why. I always had an idea of starting from Mineral King, going over a pass and down the Little Kern River to the Forks of the Kern area. It would take several days and two vehicles. I still need to get to Mineral King someday.
Freeman Grove
Pictures can't truly capture the majesty of the Giant Sequoia . The Freeman Grove doesn't have the largest but they are still impressive. The only tree that is labeled is the George Bush Tree in the main grove.. (middle picture). I camped at the upper trailhead for the grove because the gate was closed to get farther up the road towards the Little Kern River. Most the people hiking down from where I camped seemed to be foreign tourists. I told one it was about 4 miles and he asked "Round trip". I said maybe 3 1/2 miles one way. Turned out when I hiked it on Saturday my GPS said 3.8 miles to the George Bush Tree (The first President George Bush). Took me an hour and 45 minutes to get down to it. Took me a little over 3 hours to hike back up (GPS said 4 miles). From the top you un into the first of the Sequoia after a mile or so, just before the second of three bridges along the route. I had hiked it from the bottom up and back down years ago. I still prefer to have the up hill part first and relax going back down to end the hike. Morning I moved camp to up near Sherman Pass I heard a cowgirl outside my trailer window. I then realized a cattle drive was squeezing by my camp on the dirt road. She pretty much kept the cattle from getting between my Jeep and the trailer. A couple hundred head of cows, maybe a dozen mounted cowboys ( 2 of them cowgirls) and three or four dogs. Mya just laid on the floor of the trailer like nothing was going on so I just watched them through the window for 20 minutes or so. Spent about a week total at the Freeman Creek trailhead.
Sherman Pass
The left side of Olancha Peak looks smoky? Snore Mya loves snow
The road down by the Kern River was marked with signs which told you "Chains Required" and "Expect Winter Conditions" They didn't say pass closed. It was. About 1 1/2 miles from the pass there were plenty of three foot drifts across the road. Nobody had tried them and I was towing my trailer. I found a nearby wide spot and left the rig while I hikes about 1/2 hours to the pass. Made camp for two nights. Had to tell many people the pass was closed. I had to tells some I don't believe there are Big Trees on this side of the Kern River.
Road to Deer Grove of Sequoia Rabbit Island at Lake Isabella