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Lone Pine to Big Pine  October 23-28, 2019
The White Mountains (left) and the Inyo Mountains (right) beyond Big Pine
I went up out of Big Pine looking for the road that takes you into the south end of Coyote Flat. Found one road the 96 Cherokee couldn't get up. Probably the one I failed on years ago. Latter looking at a map it looks like there are two or three other possible routes onto the Sugarloaf Road. Camped at Birch Creek for a couple nights on Mc Murry Meadows Road. First night was north fork of Oak Creek above Independence and the last was off Whitney Portal Road above Lone Pine. Went back up to Lone Pine on Monday looking for a lost wallet.
Sugarloaf (middle left most peak) Coyote Flat is beyond Sugarloaf. Road should go around the right side of the peak
Up Birch Creek to Birch Mountain Down Birch Creek to Tinnemaha Reservoir
About 5am Sunday morning a cold north wind started blowing hard. Obscuring Lone Pine and much of the Owen's Valley. (Thank LA and the dry Owen's Lakebed)
On the drug scene. The marijuana dispensary on the Fort Independence Reservation opened August 30th. (no taxes) The Double L Bar in Lone Pine closed about a year and a half ago. (Jake's Saloon has had  liquor for the last six months) The bartender at Jake's said the Double L liquor license went up to Mammoth.
Mt Whitney and the portal road
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