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California 1400 mile loop
The Moro Bay-Pismo Beach area
Moro Rock from the State Park
Effects of a polarizing filter at Moro Bay
Avila Beach Brenndon, Austin & Mya scrambling rocks near the pier
Grover Beach (Had to drive 2 miles to get to the camping area which was a zoo, I went back to day use which wasn't so crowded)
I followed Scot, Brenndon and Austin to Camp San Luis Obispo where I camped for four days. I then drove up to the Bay Area and spent a couple days in Vallejo before going up to Loon Lake for three nights. I spent another night above Lake Tahoe and one above Mono Lake before getting home. Almost 1400 miles in twelve days.
Loon Lake
Sunset at Loon Lake
Pyramid Peak (The first California mountain I climbed in the 70s)
Dunderberg area
Green Creek drainage (Dunderberg is the brown mountain above on the left)
Off Dunderberg Meadow Road near camp  Unnamed (Lake Lenzenhuber) on side of Dunderberg Peak
North Corner of Mono Lake
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