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Kern Plateau June 27 - July 4, 2019
Had a primo camp set up at Powell Meadows but had to abandon it and go back to Ridgecrest on the 4th of July because of earthquakes at home. (Was planning on hiding out with the dog who hates fireworks)
Sherman Pass area
Picture of Sherman Pass Vista Point Picture of Sherman Pass Vista Point 2 weeks ago
What a difference two weeks makes. I was on the west side of the pass and had to hike through  a mile and a half of snow to get to the Vista Point. This trip I couldn't even find a snow bank near the road that goes over the pass. I did find a few small ones down the road towards Mosquito Meadows which heads south near the pass on the west side. Mya (Snore) likes snow.
Made two trips up to the Kern Plateau above Kennedy Meadows. One to bring the trailer up and another to bring the 96 Cherokee up. I had every intention of taking the old Jeep into Monache Meadows until I heard we had an earthquake in Ridgecrest. I brought the trailer home the day I heard about it on the 4th of July. One major reason I was planning on being in the mountains on the 4th is my dog Mya doesn't like fireworks. We spent much of the much of the 5th picking pieces of motors and sky rockets out of the back yard and swimming pool. Earthquakes have no effect on the tremendous usage of illegal fireworks around our town. It's patriotic. Of course if they thought they could get away with it they would be blowing stuff up everyday. Some do. You can get illegal fireworks going off almost any day out in the desert. I guess it is better than the gun fire that replaces fireworks in some of the places around us. After I got back from retrieving the Cherokee on the 5th we had a 7.1 earthquake. That was much more fun than fireworks.
Warming Yurt I had never found before  a few miles on the east side of Sherman Pass.
Even though the sign said to pack your trash out I was afraid to look in the trash can. The half empty water bottle on the stove was probably a good enough indicator. It always amazes me how many lazy, stupid, slovenly people there are, even in the back country. Guess they are not happy just trashing the cities where I wish they would stay. Actually many country people aren't any better. As a younger person I wasn't that good either. 
Powell Meadows
Powell Meadows across the road from camp. Didn't see any bears. Saw three in the meadow at the same time once. Not near each other
The water tank wasn't flowing very well when I moved in. I cleaned the strainer and re arranged the pick up hose but it only improved the flow marginally. Latter someone else added cloth and built up a better pool to feed it. Got it flowing nicely. There were three streams flowing down to Powell Meadows around the camp area. The one feeding the tank is the last to dry up as summer progresses
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