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White Mountain Peak

14,246' (4342m) 3rd Highest in California  1990

White Mountain Peak from Bishop
White Mountain Peak is the highest peak in the White Mountains. Along with Mount Shasta it is the only 14,000' mountain in California not in the Sierra Nevada Range. It is on the east side of Owens Valley  overlooking Bishop with a spectacular view of the eastern escarpment of the Sierra. It is one of two 14,000 footers I've soloed, the other being Split Mountain (South Palisade). It is basically a long hike on a high ridge with a final summit push. The route follows a dirt road all the way from the locked gate, a distance of about 8 miles each way with a 2500 foot elevation gain. It can be done in a day but I've never been an over achiever, I made two days out of it in June of 1990.
Signs at locked gate Main facility 2 miles from locked gate
Camp about  5 miles from locked gate Summit of White Mountain about 8 miles from locked gate
Coral along US395 slightly north of Bishop (Volcanic Bishop tuff from the last time the Long Valley Caldera (Mammoth) erupted, behind the coral area)
Additional White Mountain pictures
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