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Old Mountaineer Album
Poor quality reproductions. (Didn't have a digital camera) The album was scanned with the protective plastic over the sheets. It no longer exists outside of a computer
Desolation Wilderness      (July 1983)
Minaret Wilderness          (July 1984)
Mount Whitney                (October 1985)
Lyons Lake                     (May 1986)
Emigrant Wilderness        (July 1986)
Mount Shasta                  (September 1986)
Echo Lakes                     (February 1987)
Lyons Lake                     (April 1987)
Mount Rainier                 (May 1987)
Mount Rainier                  (September 1987)
Mount Ralston                 (February 1988)
Mount Williamson            (May 1988)
Mount Tallac                   (March 1989
Mount Williamson           (July 1989)
Desolation Wilderness     (August 1989)
White Mountain               (June 1990)
The Matterhorn               (June 1990)
Mount Williamson           (May 1991)
Mount Williamson            (May 1992)
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