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Vaughn Bode  Besides copying and enlarging (before the digital age, by eye/hand reproduction) a couple of Rudolf Panel for a friend Earl Hollingbaugh in the early 70s I used to enjoy Cheech Wizard  which was carried in the National Lampoon. I never realized how screwed up he was until recently. Posthumous semi bio  Seems he was somewhat crazy died the same way as David Caradine
Gilbert Shelton Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers
"Times of dope will see you through times of no money better than times of money will see you through times of no dope." Freewheeling Franklin .....Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers
Robert Crumb
I did a Good Morning Little Schoolgirl poster using R Crumbs artwork
Fritz the Cat & Heavy Traffic... Were animated movies that I saw at the Vallejo drive in theater in the early 70s